Extended Warranty

Inkgrabber offers it's customers an optional extended 2 year warranty on all Non-Genuine Ink and Toner cartridges. We guarantee products to be free from manufacturer's defect & to meet or exceed the quality of OEM cartridges.  

Product may be returned unopened up to 90 days from date of purchase for a refund or 730 days from date of purchase for a defective exchange. Only claims made by the original purchaser regarding defective products, or otherwise, will be valid. Inkgrabber.com will replace, repair, or give appropriate credit, exchange, or refund of the original purchase price, or fair market value, whichever is lower; that is to be determined to be defective by Inkgrabber.com. Inkgrabber.com reserves the right to replace , or substitute a functional equivalent product. warranty is valid only when product is used in the normal course of usage and does not include failures, malfunctions that may result from tampering, alterations, neglect, dropping, electrical power, unusual storage conditions such as extreme heat, or cold. Warranty also does not cover customer usage of product that is not in accordance with proper installation of product. Warranty is negated if Inkgrabber determines that the cartridges are empty or used up to 50% and when anyone other than Inkgrabber.com opens, defaces, obstructs, or otherwise tampers with the internal, or external functionality of the product.

 A copy of the original invoice must be included with the product. The amount of credit will not exceed the amount of the original purchase.